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Grandma’s House Catering Saw Increased Sales


Grandma’s House is a Los Angeles based catering service that was founded by Chef Mario Johnson as a homage to his culinary roots that extended from his grandmothers. Known for using their famous family barbecue recipes that date back to 1879, Chef Mario Johnson and his partner in business and in life, Chef Rhonda Ross, are making their mark in Southern California as the caterers who offer a “taste of Americana.” Grandma’s House Catering is known for customized recipes which include options such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free dishes, upon request.

Grandma’s House wanted to use broadcast media to build brand awareness, increase sales, and develop long-term client relationships.


Digital strategist for Grandma’s House Catering, Louise Sattler, launched the initial advertisement that showcased an image of their popular burger meal along with the words, ‘Grandma’s House Catering,’ clearly displayed. The advertisement was shown on a double-sided sign in the Los Angeles area.


Sales Increased
While Grandma’s House has seen continual growth with their business, they did notice a steeper trajectory of sales following their first Blip campaign. Their overall sales increased over 340% since the beginning of their Blip campaigns. Given the positive results from their campaigns, Grandma’s House Catering continues to use advertisements with Blip as part of their strategic marketing plan.

Specific Order Requests
Grandma’s House uses multiple marketing strategies that include both online and offline channels. In the owner’s opinions, Blip has provided more immediate results than other marketing channels, especially when placed close to industrial business areas.

One obvious result of a recent Blip campaign was the increased ordering of menu items that were being advertised on billboards. The Grandma’s House hamburger bar became quite popular after appearing on billboards throughout the LA county area. The same was true when the target image on the billboard was switched to their Cajun gumbo and King Cake for Mardi Gras.

Social Engagement
Social media platform integration combined with Blip campaigns resulted in more followers and engagement. In a four-month time frame, Grandma’s House Catering nearly doubled their following on Instagram. Their Facebook page also received more likes, followers, and overall engagement.

“As a digital strategist, you need to find different avenues for your clients to stand out. I looked into other billboard options and found that many of them were cost-prohibitive. Having seen Blip on local signs and on social channels I researched Blip and found them to be affordable, easy-to-use, and effective. I think Blip accelerates the growth of a company or product—it gets more eyeballs on it than almost any other social media platform. I loved seeing the excitement and the results that Blip made possible for Grandma’s House Catering.”
Louise Sattler
Media Specialist (
  • Blips: 29,135
  • Campaigns: 8
  • Billboards: 6
  • Average cost per Blip: $0.03
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