Billboards Simply Grew Brand Exposure

Hashtag-Vape Augmented Brand Recognition


Hashtag Vape is an e-commerce site that sells vaping products such as pens, cartridges, and other vaping accessories. As an e-commerce site, Hashtag Vape launched a billboard campaign with Blip to increase name recognition, site visits, and product sales.


Hashtag Vape selected signs in Oklahoma City that are next to the I-40 and the I-44 which are both highly trafficked freeways. By focusing on two signs—Hashtag Vape increased the likelihood of getting their message in front of the same group of individuals throughout the duration of their campaign.

The design that they created focused on the quality of their vaping products. Their messaging read, “Smoothest Vape Pen on Earth.” Below this headline, they included their URL, company name, and logo.


Hashtag Vape owner, Ray Bowens, came across Blip and initially thought it was too good to be true. After signing up for an account, entering campaign preferences, and working with the Blip design team for his campaign ad design, he found that the whole process to be “unbelievably simple.” About this, Ray said, “You don’t need to be a computer guru to use Blip. You enter in your campaign preferences and the support team is super helpful in providing insight into how you can be even more successful.”

As an e-commerce site, name recognition and website traffic are hugely important for sales, conversions, and overall growth. Prior to Blip, Hashtag-vape worked on SEO searchability and their digital presence so that their URL and company name that they put on their billboard advertisements would be easily found on different search engines. Adding billboards to Hashtag Vape’s existing mix of marketing channels proved to be a great strategic move for building awareness and interest around their vaping products. Unique visits to the URL hashtag-vape.com increased by around 150-200 people over the course of their campaign.

“If you are a small business that is looking for budget-friendly, effective advertising, then Blip is second to none. When you consider the price, exposure, and customer support experience, you really can’t find a better option. Billboards are one of the most impactful ways to advertise, and with Blip, you spend a fraction of what you would end up paying elsewhere.”
Ray Bowens
Founder of Hashtag-Vape
  • Blips: 524
  • Billboards: 2
  • Estimated Impressions: 6,288
  • Average cost per Blip: $0.25
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