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Blip Provides An Easy Way To Get Into OOH Advertising

Alabama Church School Expanded Marketing Efforts


ACS is a Christian home-based church school providing administrative assistance, family-based off-site, non-public instruction opportunities for grades K-12 to Alabama families. As ACS continues to expand their services, they want a way to market their services to local communities on a budget. One of their main campaign objectives is to build name recognition so that people who are interested in homeschooling are aware that ACS offers solutions and assistance to individuals who are exploring an at-home education for their children.


Having used other forms of advertising such as Facebook and Craigslist, Alabama Church School ventured into large-format billboard advertising for the first time. They launched seven billboard campaigns over the course of a few months. These designs were simple and concise: “Want to Homeschool?”

As this was their first experience using billboards, Blip supported their launch efforts. About this, Alabama Church School Founder said, “The customer support team was very helpful in my campaign launch. Not only did they explain how it worked, but they also explained best practices and what I could do to optimize my campaign.”


ACS Founder, Marie Baker said that she communicated with six people who specifically mentioned that they had seen her billboard advertisements. “Given how much I actually paid for these signs, I was so excited about the results. Clearly, billboards are an effective form of advertising and the process was so simple. I love this service and look forward to continuing to advertise my message on my budget.”

“I was really excited to see that I could advertise on a billboard for as little as a dollar a day. You can’t find another company that can provide this sort of large-scale visibility at that price. Literally, any business can afford to get on a billboard with Blip.”
Marie Baker
Founder of Alabama Church School
  • Blips: 2,930
  • Billboards: 5
  • Estimated Impressions: 20,887
  • Average cost per Blip: $0.02
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