Goggle Outlet

Initial Localized Exposure Through Strategic Billboards
Legitimacy For A Budding Young Company


Goggle Outlet is a relatively new business in Salt Lake City, Utah that sells ski goggles online. As a top-of-funnel marketing approach, GoggleOutlet.com wants to gain local exposure and establish name recognition for B2B and B2C marketing.


As the CEO and Founder of Goggle Outlet, Daniel Frieling would ask himself how he could advertise his new business in a new, memorable, and affordable way. After coming across Blip, Daniel thought creating a billboard campaign was worth a try— he created 6 different designs to use on 3 different boards in Utah. These designs emphasized their URL (goggleoutlet.com) to encourage
local familiarity with their name, site, and business. Even as a small business with limited marketing capital, Goggle Outlet was able to quickly launch their
campaign and start broadcasting their messages along well-trafficked freeways. Within a few days of running their advertisements, Goggle Outlet ran over 1000 blips and received thousands of views.


The legitimacy that comes from using billboards as a small business means a lot for setting the stage for long term growth and expansion. By using Blip with their social and other traditional marketing efforts, GoogleOutlet.com positioned themselves as a leader in their local market. By using Blip with their
marketing mix, they move beyond a small e-commerce shop and step into a space that is perceived exclusively for larger businesses. In connection with this, Dan Frieling said, “I didn’t think that a company as small as mine could get on a large-format billboard. With Blip, we are getting seen in a big way. People will look at our boards and see us as a legit player in this space. I am not
easily impressed, but I am impressed with what I have seen from Blip— from the campaign creation to launch and then to analytics, it was all really seamless.”

GoogleOutlet Billboard

“Blip gives me exposure in localized areas. Unlike other forms of broadcast advertising, with Blip, you can get massive exposure almost instantaneously—you don’t have to wait weeks or months to negotiate contracts or go back and forth. In fact, my campaign was launched and live in an hour from the time that I created my account. The speed and campaign flexibility that Blip offers are extremely valuable.”

Dan FrielingCEO and Founder
  • Blips: 1,333
  • Avg. Cost Per Blip: $0.14
  • Billboards: 3
  • Estimated Impressions: 11,422