Paris O. Cosmetics

Establishing Credibility And Increasing Consumer Reach

Paris O. Cosmetics Established Credibility


Paris O. is a relatively new cosmetics company that offers a variety of vegan cosmetic products including lip gloss, glitter pallets, synthetic eyelashes, and make-up brushes. Because Paris O. is fairly new to the beauty industry, they chose Blip to gain mass exposure and name recognition, especially in their local area, Pensacola, FL.


Paris Oliver, the CEO and Founder of Paris O., came across Blip through a Facebook ad. She was searching for a way to get her company’s name in front of new people in a new way. Though skeptical at first, Paris realized that Blip is a cost-effective channel to promote her business to a mass audience.After trying out Blip, Paris came to the conclusion that “Blip is truly fit for any budget.” In total, Paris spent less than a fraction of what it costs to have a traditional digital billboard contract. Focusing on one billboard location, Paris O. Cosmetics was advertised hundreds of times and received over one thousand impressions.


Billboards generate top of funnel awareness and establish legitimacy and credibility for businesses. Since launching her first billboard campaign, Paris O. has seen an uptick in website traffic, sales, and social media page impressions. Seeing as she just started advertising, the results will only increase as the campaign continues. Paris was able to see her billboard in action, which she describes as a rush of excitement.  She reflected on all of the hard work she’s put into her start-up and seeing her brand and logo on a billboard reassured her that Paris O. is growing and developing into a recognizable brand.

“Never doubt yourself, stay focused, and set business goals to achieve along the way to success. For me, success came from believing in the future of my brand and doing things that would get noticed. I’m grateful that Blip gives business owners like me a chance to advertise and get exposure at a quality price.”
Paris Oliver
CEO and Founder of Paris O. Cosmetics
  • Blips: 404
  • Campaigns: 1
  • Billboards: 1
  • Estimated Impressions: 1,262
  • Average cost per Blip: $0.02
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