Blue Dream Industries

Expanding Reach And Landing Partnerships

Blue Dream Industries Expanded Reach


Blue Dream Industries is a 100% minority-owned Cannabis Company with multiple subsidiaries and satellite offices around the world. In 2018 Blue Dream Industries LLC acquired Green Thumb Dynasties. These two entities now drive Blue Dream LLC forward through their core offerings related to cannabis-based business development, consulting, and branding. Blue Dream Industries decided to use Blip to further establish their name and brand in their home area of Atlanta and also throughout Los Angeles.


Blue Dream Industries strategically chose locations in Los Angeles and Atlanta to reach potential partners or clients. In an effort to establish name recognition and further their online/offline presence, Blue Dreams Industries chose a design that highlighted three important elements: 1) their name 2) their business URL and 3) their value add which was, “Global Cannabis Consulting and Branding.”


From the campaign that was displayed in Atlanta, received 1,000 additional website hits— CEO, Aubrey R. Logan Holland told Blip, “We were going to advertise for a month and then reassess. Given some of the recent successes we have seen, we decided to use Blip to continue to expand our reach. It’s now been almost two months and we are still getting really good results.”

From the campaign that was displayed in Los Angeles, Blue Dream Industries landed an important partnership with one of the most important and recognized names in their industry.

“We see these billboard campaigns as an extension of us and as a way to further establish our name and brand. I’m happy with the results we’ve seen so far— our website traffic and our new partnership that resulted from this campaign are proof that billboards do work. Blip helps companies of any size get their message out there so that they can become well-known in different markets without some of the restrictions and frustrations that can happen with other types of broadcast advertising.”
Aubrey R Logan-Holland
CEO and Founder
  • Blips: 9,172
  • Campaigns: 2
  • Billboards: 6
  • Estimated Impressions: 18,187
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