Expanding Reach And Generating Awareness

Sundance Expanded Advertising Reach


Founded by Robert Redford in 1969, Sundance Mountain Resort is a year-round luxury mountain resort dedicated to conservation, the arts, and community. Sundance chose Blip to get the word out about their music concert series and their fly fishing lessons.


Sundance uses a variety of methods to let people know about their events and programs. Some of their advertising methods include public relations, digital ads, magazines, and social media. Sundance previously used traditional billboards as well but found that the printing and posting costs were expensive and limited their campaign flexibility. In May of 2019, Sundance decided to add Blip to their diverse mix to expand their funnel and reach more people.

They targeted five different billboards that were relatively close to the resort. Another sign was focused in a popular city in Southern Utah. They designed ads that simply relayed their message. One said “Sundance Bluebird Cafe Concert Series.” The other said “Learn to Fly Fish” with their URL below. The key to their simplicity on billboards stems from their strong digital presence. Since they have a unique name and developed SEO that is highly searchable, they do not need to add phone numbers or long URLs for people to find them.

About getting set-up on Blip, the campaign manager, Abigail Brock said, “The Blip platform is easy and effective— I felt like our needs were taken care of and that we were able to track our marketing efforts due to easy-to-use platform and analytics reporting.”


Awareness generates interest and interest generates conversions. By repeatedly highlighting their events and classes on highway billboards throughout Utah County, Sundance was able to increase awareness which improved the number of event attendees. Even though their overall number of events doubled this summer, their sales still ended up being in the 90th percentile because of their focused advertising efforts.

“Billboards are a powerful way to get a message out to a lot of people. We learned that by increasing awareness and expanding our top-of-funnel marketing, we were able to increase sales and event attendance.”
Abigail Brock
CEO and Founder
  • Blips: 114,701
  • Campaigns: 5
  • Billboards: 2
  • Estimated Impressions: 639,553
  • Average cost per Blip: $0.09
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