Establishing Name Recognition

Awardco Increased Web Traffic


Awardco is an employee recognition and engagement software company located in Utah. In 2018 Awardco partnered with Amazon Business to offer millions of reward options for employers to use for their recognition programs. In 2019, Awardco was ranked by Inc. 5000 as the #25 fastest-growing company in America and the #1 fastest growing company in Utah. To celebrate their ranking, Awardco chose Blip billboards to get the word out about their growth and to further establish themselves as a key player in the employee recognition and engagement space.


Awardco selected 8 billboards in their home state of Utah to share their message. To develop name recognition and develop interest around their product offering, Awardco put the following message on their billboard design.

Awardco – Fastest Growing Company in Utah
See why the INC. 5000 Ranked us #1 in Utah at


Web Traffic
During the time that Awardco advertised on Blip, they received a noticeable increase in their online searches and website traffic.

  • Overall traffic to increased by 14.06%
  • Direct search traffic increased by 29.56%
  • Overall users on the site increased by 16.16%

“We noticed an influx of people expressing interest in working at Awardco. A lot of our employees saw the billboards ads, which I think inspired a sense of excitement and pride for both existing and potential employees. This also spread out to friends and family members of the team. ”-Bronson Dameron (Awardco Content Manager)

Name Recognition
Awardco has established their brand online with a strong SEO and web presence. They used Blip to step outside of their normal advertising comfort zone and to generate name recognition that was reflected through an increase in word of mouth marketing and publicity about Awardco.

“Blip is essentially the PPC of billboard advertising—they make it possible to run a billboard campaign with a budget that would otherwise not be enough for broadcast advertising. Using Blip helps businesses gain traction and increase their name recognition–especially in targeting local areas.”
Bronson Dameron
Awardco Content Manager
  • Blips: 9,668
  • Campaigns: 1
  • Billboards: 8
  • Estimated Impressions: 113,874
  • Average cost per Blip: $0.16
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