R&B Pop Artist, Jacobi

Increasing Brand Awareness and Music Streams

Jacobi, a R&B/Pop artist from Alabama, currently living in Los Angeles, is very well-versed in entertainment. His experience includes singing, songwriting, producing, playing the piano and drums, theater and acting. Jacobi has opened for some well-known R&B artists, including Monica, Chrisette Michele and Marsha Ambrosius, and has shared the stage with R&B superstar Tyrese. In 2020, Jacobi landed a role in Tyler Perry’s “Madea’s Farewell Play Tour” as Malik and traveled across the U.S., performing for hundreds of thousands of people. Most recently, Jacobi became a ‘2020 Hollywood Music in Media Awards’ nominee in the R&B/Soul category. You can listen to his music at jacobimusiconline.com or check out his Instagram here.

Using a Different Medium

In an effort to continue building his brand, Jacobi was interested in diving  into some aggressive marketing campaigns to really get his name out there. Facebook and Instagram ads and organic social posting were Jacobi’s main form of marketing. Although the Facebook ads have been really successful, Jacobi was looking for something to take his brand a step further.

After coming across Blip’s website online, Jacobi decided to try it out to see if billboard advertising would be a good option for him. He set up the campaign in popular markets and locations, designed and uploaded the ad, and waited for his campaign to launch. Jacobi’s campaign was centered around promoting his music and getting people to go to his website. With the headline of “What Lights You Up Inside”, Jacobi was hoping his billboard design would play a key role in getting the attention he wanted. His goal was to make his billboard easy to read and memorable.

Analyzing the Results

Since billboard advertising delivers different results than what most people are used to with online ads, Jacobi had to figure out how to target the results of his campaign, like the conversion rate. He and his manager started looking at the number of streams starting the day their campaign launched as well as website visits and social media views/followers.

After advertising for 4 days across 29 boards in Florida and California, they received an estimate of 148,320 impressions. Seeing their analytics and knowing that billboard advertising worked, they wanted to keep their budget in mind moving forward. They decided to hyperfocus their campaign in Times Square. They found trying different markets is key. Jacobi’s manager, Mike Butler, said “Once you start to see results in one area, even if it’s one click, continue to explore. Rome wasn’t built overnight.”

Just the idea of having a billboard is such good grooming. It puts you in that light of “he must be doing something cool”.
Mike Butler
Business Manager, Owner, IMAGEacg
  • Blips: 2,300
  • Campaigns: 2
  • Billboards: 29
  • Estimated Impressions: 148,320
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