UX Entertainment

Increasing Brand Awareness and Website Traffic

As the world started shutting down in March 2020, Ty Armstrong came up with the idea to provide entertainment to those that were sheltered in place. UX Entertainment was born, providing people from all over the country something to do while stuck inside their homes. Ty’s idea was to create a big entertainment platform with something for everyone. UX Entertainment includes games, short videos, vlogs, tv shows, radio stations, news, recipes, and more.

Finding Blip

After seeing ads for Blip on Instagram, Ty immediately thought “billboards won’t work.” When he saw the targeted ad again a few weeks later, he clicked on the link and made his way to Blip’s website. In an attempt to gain followers and viewers, he thought billboards would be advantageous for a business like his. After running a billboard for one day in LA, Ty’s page views increased by 400 overnight. Once he looked at his website analytics, all the traffic was coming from the LA area. Ty thought “This is a goldmine!” Since then, he’s run 3-4 more additional campaigns in cities like Atlanta and San Francisco.

Benefits of Blip

One of Ty’s favorite parts about using Blip was how affordable it was, and not to mention the potential it holds for small businesses and brands like his. With so many people being visual learners, they are looking at billboards more than you think. Ty was able to see a spike in mobile visitors to his website at the same time his billboard campaign went live. He knows people are driving by his billboard and navigating to his site from mobile.

After using Blip, Ty felt like an “instant celebrity”, meaning that billboard advertising added credibility and value to his brand. When you see a business with a billboard ad, you think that business spent a lot of money to get that ad space, so they must be the real deal. With Blip, anyone is able to become an “instant celebrity” and make it big!

What gets me most excited about Blip is the whole process, from the locations to the budget. Building my own banner to the specifications of the dimensions – it psychs me to do the process. I can dictate what I want to happen. You control the narrative. You control the campaign. I don’t like people doing things for me, I like that I can do it myself and it’s exciting to get the maximum exposure.
Ty Armstrong
Owner, UX Entertainment
  • Blips: 3,113
  • Campaigns: 4
  • Billboards: 22
  • Estimated Impressions: 93,677
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