DeeLorri Apparel

Increasing Brand Awareness and Creating Impressions

DeeLorri Apparel, founded by husband and wife Derrick and Lorri, represents two people coming together as one to create something bigger than themselves. As two individuals who grew up in the inner city, apparel was an important part of their lives, as it was one of their forms of expression. Their lifestyle apparel brand consists of hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and other various pieces as a way for people to express themselves and live how they want. According to Derrick, “We don’t make our clothes for a specific demographic, we make our clothes for people.”

Choosing Blip

Derrick always had dreams of seeing their brand on a billboard. He knew that billboard advertising was very expensive, but after doing lots of research, he knew Blip was the perfect choice to advertise with. At 12 in the morning, Derrick said to his wife “Let’s get a billboard!” They had known about Blip for a year, but wanted to make sure the timing was right and they had all the materials they needed before advertising with Blip. Thirty minutes later, Derrick had his entire billboard campaign set up and was just waiting on the ad approval.

Since Derrick was familiar with other forms of online advertising, Blip was no different to him. Derrick found Blip to be very similar to Facebook ads, as far as being able to control the budget and every aspect of the campaign. Being a graphic designer himself, Derrick found it very easy and manageable to create an ad that fit the billboard specifications and sizes.

Advertising Goals

For DeeLorri’s latest collection, they wanted to step everything up. They’ve done and continue to run Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads, but wanted to try a different promotional avenue. That’s where billboards come into play. Every brand is used to advertising on Facebook and generating revenue instantly. However, Derrick knew that billboard advertising would get impressions in people’s minds. Derrick’s objective was to get people familiar with the brand and what they do.

After running their campaign for the first time, Derrick saw incredible analytics. Their average cost per Blip was low, so it allowed them to plan on allocating more money to another campaign or extending this campaign even longer. During peak hours Derrick’s ad was getting displayed more, and during off-hours, it was getting displayed less, which Derrick really appreciated.

DeeLorri hasn’t seen a huge increase in sales after their first campaign, but this doesn’t worry Derrick. “We just want people to see our brand. It usually takes 5-7 times for people to see your brand before taking action. I know this eventually will generate sales, but I wasn’t expecting that to happen immediately. We know the sales are coming.”

As Derrick continues to use Blip, he plans to AB test some different graphics and ad designs, as well as conduct some more research on competitors and analyze their ads to see what works and doesn’t. He also plans to test out some new locations compared to increasing the budget in his current billboard location.

After a month of advertising, DeeLorri Apparel achieved 26,077 estimated impressions, $2.48 average daily spend, and 339 estimated impressions per dollar.

With Blip we could control every aspect of the campaign. That was intriguing, but the fluidity of signing up to the ad getting displayed was awesome. Once the ad was approved and I went and saw it, not only was it a bucket list achieved, but it also looks good! After seeing the numbers day after day, not only does it look good and it's a bucket list, but it’s working!
Derrick Machado
Co-Owner, DeeLorri Apparel
  • Blips: 3,348
  • Campaigns: 1
  • Billboards: 1
  • Estimated Impressions: 26,077
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