Pretty In Pinkston

Increasing Brand Awareness and Beating Out the Competition

Kimberly Pinkston, a former runway model living with multiple sclerosis, combined her passion for fashion and skincare to create Pretty In Pinkston, a skincare line with a purpose. In addition to her skincare line, she teaches modeling to young girls. Kimberly believes in giving back to the community, so a portion of the proceeds from each Pretty in Pinkston sale go toward the MS Foundation and a college scholarship fund for her modeling students.

The Need for Blip

Kimberly was looking to use a different form of advertising for her brand, as she was already using Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Pinterest ads. Since social media is so bombarded, she needed something to increase brand awareness and set her brand apart from its competitors. That’s where Blip came in. Blip allowed Pretty In Pinkston to advertise at an affordable rate that brought high amounts of exposure.

Utilizing their tagline “Get That Glow” and featuring her modeling students, Kimberly created her billboard advertisement and had it up and running within a few days. With her advertising goals of increasing brand awareness and pushing her products, she was able to see incredible results.

Results of the Campaign

Pretty In Pinkston saw an increase in sales and an increase in B2B interactions. Boutiques reached out wanting to order products to put in their stores. Not to mention the brand awareness was incredible. So many people mentioned they saw their billboards, and it was an ego boost for her models in training.

For a small business like Pretty In Pinkston, it was a no-brainer to use Blip to advertise. Blip’s low-costs and high exposure rates sealed the deal for Kimberly. Not to mention she could create and upload her campaign with ease. Her most recent campaign in Atlanta achieved 9,124 total impressions, a $25.04 average daily spend, and an average of 91 impressions per dollar over a period of four days.

Blip works for us. It's a different medium, and it brings a lot of exposure. It sets us apart from the rest of the [competition], and that's what I like. With the holidays coming up, people are still getting out but they are stuck in their cars, so they might as well be stuck looking at us.
Kimberly Pinkston
Owner, Pretty In Pinkston
  • Blips: 4,439
  • Campaigns: 4
  • Billboards: 2
  • Estimated Impressions: 120,168
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