Dead of Winter Fest

Increasing Brand Awareness and Credibility

Keep Children Rockin’, a non-profit profit organization based in Arizona, provides music equipment and repairs to local school music programs. Each year, to fund donations, Keep Children Rockin’ hosts a giant heavy metal festival: the Dead Of Winter Fest. Since 2015, they have expanded from a single show in Phoenix to a statewide Arizona tour. Their collective impact has generated over $10,000 worth of equipment and repairs to roughly 20 music programs in Arizona.

Utilizing Blip

To prepare for their 2-day Phoenix show in January 2020, they chose to advertise with Blip to drive greater awareness for local fans of heavy metal. Since this was their 6th year running the show, they already had reasonable brand awareness in the Phoenix market. Their goal was to present this year’s event as the biggest and best yet, and billboard advertising was the key to doing so.

Billboard advertising was a new advertising medium for Keep Children Rockin’. In the past, they were advertising exclusively on Facebook and through the music venue websites. However, because of the perceived value of billboards, Keep Children Rockin’ was able to position this show as the “biggest and baddest” to date.


Those who were following the show and the hype leading up to it were impressed by the ads and the professional improvement to use an “offline” channel such as billboards. Utilizing Blip added credibility to the Dead of Winter Fest, and the bands themselves were even more excited to play knowing they had reached a wider audience.

As a non-profit organization, Blip was the perfect advertising option for Keep Children’ Rockin. They could design their ad with ease and advertise within their own budget, ensuring their ad spend didn’t go to waste. After just three days of advertising, Keep Children Rockin’ achieved 4,587 estimated total impressions, an $8.16 average daily spend, and 141 estimated impressions per dollar.

Blip gave me the opportunity to advertise on billboards in key markets, on-demand, at a super cost-effective rate. The best part of using Blip was being able to load a campaign and send for approval in minutes. If you are clear on what you want to do, the platform will not get in your way.
Paul Sokol
  • Blips: 417
  • Campaigns: 1
  • Billboards: 3
  • Estimated Impressions: 4,587
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