Reaching a New Audience

How to Make an Impact

Swig is a soda and cookies restaurant based in Utah, whose yummy drink mixes have become a local favorite. Swig primarily uses social media to advertise their products and engage with their customers. However, Dylan, a member of Swig’s marketing team, wanted Swig to expand their reach to a new audience. He turned to Blip to do the job. With digital billboards, instead of only marketing to their followers, Swig is able to market to people who are unfamiliar with their product.

Swig used Blip to advertise a grand opening, and consequently had one of the most successful turnouts they have ever seen. Dylan is excited about what Blip can do for Swig, and the restaurant industry in general. “Blip is underutilized for restaurants. When you see a billboard advertising food locally, you can be spontaneous and grab a drink.” In a way, Blip offers that same spontaneity for growing restaurants. Compared with traditional billboard advertising, making an account with Blip is less of a commitment and allows for flexibility. This makes billboard advertising more accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Billboards are an important part of a marketing medium mix. Blip is proud to be part of making that a possibility for all types of businesses. Swig recognized the value of billboard advertising and took advantage of what we have to offer. Using billboards to reach a new audience and then using social media to transform them into dedicated fans is an excellent marketing strategy that is attainable with digital billboard technology.

Blip is an incredibly affordable and logical addition to our marketing strategy. You can use social media to extend your reach, but once you get to a certain point, it is harder to scale. That is why we decided to use billboards!
Dylan Roeder
Swig Marketing Team
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