Independent Water Systems

The Human Touch in a Digitalized Process

How to Make an Impact

Marc started his own business, Independent Water Systems, in Louisiana. He learned about water systems and the tricks of the trade from his father, who has been in the business since 1988. Recently, Marc has committed full time to running his business, so naturally he looked into different advertising channels. Marc first looked into traditional billboard advertising, but decided that Blip met his needs best. When Marc told his father, who lives in Florida, that he got a billboard for Independent Water Systems, his father could not believe his ears.  “He was amazed that I could get a billboard up relatively early on with my business! All he wanted to see was our company’s name up in lights”.

Upon hearing about Marc’s experience, Becca, a member of our customer success team, decided that Blip could do more. She offered to help Marc set up a short 4 hour campaign on a billboard near Marc’s father’s home in Florida. Marc agreed.

Marc visited his dad, and together they were able to drive past the billboard. In his own unique way, Marc was able to thank his father for teaching him how to start his own business.

One of Blip’s advantages in the out-of-home advertising industry is its ability to streamline and digitize a client’s experience. And while efficiency is a vital part of customer success, Blip has not forgotten about the importance of actual people jumping in to solve an issue. In Marc’s case, our customer success team went beyond problem solving. Our passion for creative out-of-home advertising extends to people like Marc, who will take that step with us.

I got in a car and drove down the highway and my father couldn’t believe it. It was all he wanted to see: our business’s name up in lights.
Marc Clarke
Owner of Independent Water Systems
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