Fostering Brand Awareness on a Budget


The Karamo team approached Blip to expand its OOH advertising efforts nationally to promote May Sweeps targeting younger African Americans (ages 18-25).



The Karamo Show is a television talk show featuring family and relationship issues. With an initial budget of $25,000, the Karamo team was already educated in purchasing traditional OOH media. Using a strategic and unconventional approach, Blip devised a campaign strategy that would allow Karamo to raise awareness among key demographics in Detroit, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Kansas City, Atlanta, Dallas, and Tampa.


Blip Billboards’ data-driven forecasts and custom campaign plan, built with a collaboration between our business and data teams, impressed the Karamo team. This confidence led them to expand their campaign to include New York City and Orlando, raising their budget to $30,000.



In addition to putting together accurate forecasts on the CPM and impressions, Blip reentered the planning stage and built campaigns for 9 DMAs, including a broad-stroke brand awareness campaign and a boosted campaign that would run for 2 hours, attracting a wider potential audience before Karamo would air locally.



Blip’s campaign planning tool estimated 9,000,000 impressions across all DMAs (accounting for day-parting) at a CPM of $3.88 across 41 billboard faces.


Blip delivered an astounding 8,440,000 impressions at a CPM of $4.14. This came within 93% of the CPM plan and 94% of Blip’s impressions plan. Blip’s close estimates allowed the Karamo team to gain brand awareness with accurate insights that laid the foundation for their national advertising campaign. In addition, Blip enabled The Karamo Show to appeal to their targeted demographic successfully.

  • Campaigns: 9
  • Billboards: 41
  • Estimated Impressions: 8,400,000
  • CPM: $4.14
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