Pro Shingle

Building Brand Authority With Billboards


Increase name recognition and build brand authority through billboards.


Pro Shingle is a professional roofing company that installs, maintains, and repairs roofs in Tennessee and Mississippi. Prior to using Blip, ProShingle’s marketing strategy mainly consisted of telemarketing efforts where they would offer free roof evaluations and consultations to homeowners in local communities.

In an effort to increase local familiarity and trust with their services, Pro Shingle started using Blip. “I was skeptical at first,” said Darren Downen, owner of ProShingle, “I wasn’t sure how many people would actually see and remember our billboards. But our outbound sales and telemarketing teams reported that the billboards made it so much easier to connect with and convert the leads that come through.”


Pro Shingle established local brand presence and awareness through the use of billboards. They leveraged billboard campaigns to ease the sales process and increase the number of people who would sign up for evaluations and consultations.

“Blip helps companies develop credibility —after seeing our name on billboards, people were more likely to trust us and use our roofing service. There is something about being on a billboard that legitimizes a company or service.”

– Darren Downen, Founder of Pro Shingle

  • Blips: 314,668
  • Campaigns: 3
  • Estimated Impressions: 707,990
  • Average cost per Blip: $0.19
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