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Times Square

Times Square Billboard With Blip

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Times Square is known as the epicenter for outdoor advertising. With electronic billboards up and down almost every building, they are the focal point of one of the most visited locations in the world. With almost 50 million people visiting each year, it’s no wonder advertising in Times Square is so highly valued.

With Blip’s latest addition to their nationwide network, getting on a digital billboard in Times Square has never been so accessible. No contracts and our unique Pay per Blip pricing model makes it easy for your business to enjoy the fame of a Times Square billboard.


You pay per display, so you’re in charge of your advertising costs. This make advertising in Times Square more affordable than ever before.


Times Square has 330,000 daily visitors. That’s a lot of eyes on your business.

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of people notice billboards

1 in 3

Google the business on the billboard


of billboard viewers visit the physical business on the billboard

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