2 Strategies for Successful Last-Minute Holiday Advertising in Retail

December 5, 2023

Unlocking the Potential of Physical Stores During the Holiday Rush

Embrace the unique advantage of your physical retail store this holiday season. With the countdown to the holidays in full swing, your store becomes a haven for last-minute shoppers who can’t rely on online shipping. This is your chance to not only capture a significant customer base but also to introduce them to the unique value your brand offers during this festive period.

Recent trends indicate a growing preference for supporting local and small businesses during the holiday season (source: Shopify News). However, the challenge lies in making these potential customers aware of your presence. In addition, a significant portion of consumers are waiting until December to start their shopping, making last-minute shopping a prevalent trend. Interestingly, a whopping 74% of shoppers plan to increase their holiday spending compared to last year. This opens up a tremendous opportunity for your retail store to attract and engage with these customers.

Capitalize on Lower Advertising Costs in Mid-December

Many of us have experienced a gift that comes too late, and it’s never a good look for a brand. As the holiday season progresses, many brands scale back their marketing efforts in early December, primarily due to shipping constraints. This retreat creates a perfect window for your retail store to amplify its presence through digital advertising platforms at a lower cost per mille (CPM). This period leading up to Christmas is ripe for catching the attention of those last-minute shoppers.

The same trend is observable in outdoor advertising, such as billboards. Services like Blip can facilitate quick and efficient billboard advertising for your store, especially when the competition is lower. Outdoor advertising offers an unskippable and impactful medium to reach customers. When combined with digital marketing efforts, brands have observed a 38% increase in mobile engagement (source: IAB).

Seize the Moment and Plan Your Campaigns

These two strategies, when implemented together, can yield rapid and significant results for your retail store as the year ends. It’s essential to start planning your campaigns now and continuously evaluate the performance of your marketing funnel. By doing so, you’ll be able to spot such lucrative opportunities in the future and capitalize on them effectively.

Start Now and Reap the Benefits

Don’t wait! Begin your holiday marketing journey today and watch your retail store thrive this festive season. Remember, the key to successful last-minute holiday advertising lies in understanding the market trends and acting swiftly to leverage them to your advantage.