What Works and Doesn't
May 9, 2022
Ad Design, Best Practices

Design Elements to Include and What to Leave Out One of the most important parts of your billboard campaign is your billboard design! Without a quality, engaging billboard design, it will be more difficult to effectively reach consumers. As you work to design your billboard ad, you might be wondering what elements and details to […]

Why Design Matters
September 15, 2021
Ad Design

  Why Your Billboard Design Matters In case you didn’t already know, your billboard design matters! Just like all advertising mediums, your ad creative has a big impact on the results of your campaign. Good creative = good results. If you’re not already familiar with Blip’s design guidelines, you can check them out here. These […]

woman drawing on a digital tablet working from homw
November 11, 2020
Ad Design, Advertising

Three Ways to Make Your Billboard More Engaging Engaging, memorable advertisements produce the best results. Like all advertisements, your billboard should be no different. However, because billboards are only visible for a few seconds at a time, your design should be clear and concise. To effectively advertise on billboards, you need to create an ad […]

young woman viewing flower website
February 6, 2020
Ad Design

Billboards for Non-Profit Organizations By using billboards to spread the word, non-profits can raise money, call donors to action, build brand awareness, and receive additional support. The following 21 billboard advertisements are great examples of how non-profits can use billboards to expand their marketing efforts to reach more people and amplify their message 1. Timpanogos […]

side view of diverse business people clapping
January 7, 2020
Ad Design

Billboard Advertising for Event Marketing People can’t attend your event if they don’t know it’s happening. As one of the most effective broadcast advertising mediums, billboards can announce and promote your event to many people at a low cost per impression. Whether you are hosting an industry event, a community meetup, or other special event, […]

happy friends eating at restaurant
January 3, 2020
Ad Design

Billboard Advertising for Restaurants Did you know that  58% of commuters “learned about a restaurant they later visited” because of a billboard ad? Help increase your restaurant’s foot traffic with a billboard that says who you are and why you are awesome. The following 9 examples are from Blip advertisers who have struck the right balance […]

web designer working on website
Ad Design

Billboard advertising is an effective way to bring your e-commerce business and site to a higher level (literally). But unlike online advertising, billboard audiences only have a few seconds to understand and remember your message. So when you’re thinking about your site and how it could benefit from billboard advertising, remember: The most simple designs […]

business management and finance
Ad Design

Some of the biggest tech companies in the world are investing more heavily than ever in out of home advertising. Tech giants like Apple, Google, Spotify, and Netflix continue to build their brands by using billboard advertising and diversifying their online marketing with strategic national billboard campaigns. Some of Blip’s tech and startup advertisers are […]

Blog Creatives
November 6, 2017
Ad Design

How to Make Text Work on Different Ads From Facebook ads to brochures, there are a lot of ways to get your marketing message out into the world. Many design concepts will translate across all types of advertising, but making some minor tweaks across each ad type can take you from white noise to eye-catching […]

color and emotion
June 15, 2017
Ad Design

Color Emotion Advertising Guide From messaging and font choice to graphics and layout, there are several layers to making an ad successful. Color plays an important role from a design perspective, but it’s also a handy tool in your kit to help you add emotion and personal connection to your advertising. In fact, several studies […]