Why Your Billboard Design Matters

September 15, 2021
Ad Design


Why Your Billboard Design Matters

In case you didn’t already know, your billboard design matters!

Just like all advertising mediums, your ad creative has a big impact on the results of your campaign. Good creative = good results.

If you’re not already familiar with Blip’s design guidelines, you can check them out here. These design guidelines help ensure that you create a quality billboard advertisement that will be well received and achieve quality results. 

Let’s go into three reasons why your billboard design matters and how it can increase the results of your billboard campaigns:

Increased Conversions

Billboard advertisements are meant to be consumed in a matter of seconds. This is why we recommend keeping your ad creative simple and easy to digest. If people cannot consume your advertisement in time, they most likely will not take action after seeing your billboard. 

The Nielsen 2020 Digital OOH Advertising Report found that over one-third of digital billboard viewers (34%) visited an advertiser’s website or searched for them online after seeing a digital billboard in the past year. These conversions are crucial, but won’t happen if people don’t consume your billboard in time, or if your billboard ad doesn’t tell them what steps to take after seeing your billboard advertisement.

Another way to receive more conversions is to frequently change out your ad creative. A recent study by QMS found that changing out your digital out-of-home creative delivered a 38% higher impact than that of static creative. A content refresh gives passersby something different to look at, whereas people tend to tune out static creative after seeing it for a few times. 

More Impressions and Engagements

A quality billboard design can lead to more impressions and engagements for your brand. Quick Sprout found in a 2019 study that users “will stop interacting with a website if they have had a bad experience with how it looks and instead seek out visually appealing content.”

While this statistic is talking about websites, the same remains true for all graphic design and creative content. A poorly designed billboard can prevent people from engaging with your ad. Instead, they will look for billboards and other advertisements that have better visual appeal. To learn more about how to make your billboard designs more engaging, check out our blog post here

Impressions and engagement include more than just people seeing your ad and navigating to your website or store after. It also includes ad recall, brand/product recognition, and the ability to connect with your advertisement. A 2009 study by CBS Outdoor worked to determine how long it takes to recognize the brand/product advertised on 187 outdoor posters in the Netherlands. Here are a few of their findings:

  • Clear branding and the inclusion of new-product information enhance product recognition
  • Large amounts of text and pictures of people, and lengthy large headlines delay product recognition. 

Another research study by Lamar Advertising demonstrated that high color contrast can improve outdoor advertising recall by 38%.

By having clear branding and short, to-the-point text, and high contrasting colors, you can enhance product and both brand and ad recognition within passersby. This results in not only more, but higher-quality impressions and engagements with your advertisement. 

Boosted Credibility

It’s no secret that having good design improves the credibility of your business. Not only does it improve your credibility, but good design also helps you stand out from your competitors! According to Kissmetrics, “standing out right from the start with graphic design is imperative. People make a subconscious judgment about a product within 90 seconds of initially viewing it, and up to 90% of that assessment is based on color alone.”

We’ve already noted that having good graphic design attracts customers and viewers. Billboards alone help improve your brand’s credibility, so combining that with a well designed ad is sure to take your credibility to the next level.

MarketingSherpa’s 2016 study revealed that out-of-home (OOH) ads are “the fifth most trusted by consumers when they want to make a purchase decision, and that using this format can add credibility to your overall marketing campaign.


In conclusion, your billboard design does matter! At Blip, we want your brand to see success and grow through billboard advertising. Having a quality billboard design is one way to ensure that happens. If you’d like Blip’s help in designing your next billboard advertisement, check out our design services here.