Three Ways to Make Your Billboard More Engaging

November 11, 2020
Ad Design, Advertising

Three Ways to Make Your Billboard More Engaging

Engaging, memorable advertisements produce the best results. Like all advertisements, your billboard should be no different. However, because billboards are only visible for a few seconds at a time, your design should be clear and concise. To effectively advertise on billboards, you need to create an ad that grabs your audience’s attention and drives them to act on your messaging. Here are a few ways to make ensure your billboard is as engaging as possible:

1. Tell a Story

Telling a story with your content helps create emotion, leading a person to both engage with your advertisement and remember your billboard. Since a passerby will only have a few seconds to view your ad, you obviously can’t use your billboard to write an essay. Instead, your use of imagery and graphic design will go a long way. Ask yourself, “What do I want people to feel and think when they look at my billboard?” Your image should tell the majority of the story, but you can also include a key phrase – we recommend around 5 words – to help drive your message home. 

For example, Aspire Dance Academy kept their billboard design simple, while using the photo of a dancer to inspire people to join their dance studio. Their name and image tell viewers everything they need to know about their business, avoiding a text-heavy design.

Aspire Dance Academy billboard design

This billboard by Chuck-A-Rama used a mouth-watering picture of their food along with a popular testimonial to entice people to visit their restaurant while they are out. 

chuck a rama billboard design

2. Make It Bold

Bold colors, fonts, and graphics will allow for the best readability, but will also be the most eye catching. The more bold your design and text is, the more time a driver has to consume your message. However, make sure not to go overboard on the colors, fonts, etc. Your billboard should adhere to basic design rules and take a “less is more” approach. This means using easy-to-read fonts, high contrast colors, and ensuring there’s enough negative space to keep the emphasis on your message. If you’re having trouble coming up with a bold, effective design, Blip’s design team can help you create the perfect billboard.

This billboard, created by Blip’s design team, uses contrasting colors and clear fonts to achieve a simple, impactful design. Always keep in mind: Can a driver look at my billboard and understand the message within a few seconds? 

3. Provide a Call to Action

Since your audience will only have a few seconds to consume the ad, it’s important to make the call to action clear and to the point. For example, rather than writing out, “Visit our website, to create an account and start advertising today!”, you can simply use the website URL. Viewers will understand that you want them to visit your website to find out more information about your business. 

Aluminate Glass placed simple directions on how to get to their shop on their billboard. This invites drivers to stop by their shop while they are out and about.  

Not only has My Doggy Social included their website URL, but they also used the App Store and Google Play icons to invite viewers to download their app.

Hopefully these tips provided some new ideas on what you want your next billboard to look like. Now it’s time to start Blipping!

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