12 Billboard Designs for E-commerce Marketing

January 3, 2020
Ad Design

Billboard advertising is an effective way to bring your e-commerce business and site to a higher level (literally). But unlike online advertising, billboard audiences only have a few seconds to understand and remember your message. So when you’re thinking about your site and how it could benefit from billboard advertising, remember:

The most simple designs are often the ones that get remembered.

The following 14 examples are from Blip advertisers who mastered the art of simple, persuasive billboard design.

1. Battlebox.com

2. Watchgang.com

3. TheCabinetSpot.com

4. BudgetBootcamp.com

5. Chewy.com

6. DogTuff.com

7. PearlParadise.com

8. Rugs.com

9. Fawn Design

10. Chatbooks

11. Sleepdogmattress.com

12. Smile Love