Best Way to Advertise Events On Billboards

February 16, 2017

Event Advertising on Digital Billboards

Generating excitement for your company’s upcoming events is a must to get great exposure and conversion. Event advertising with billboards is a proven way to get exposure, but outdoor advertising hasn’t traditionally been a flexible or inexpensive choice.

The good news is that Blip ain’t your mama’s billboard ad company. When you use digital billboards with Blip, you’ll have several advantages over traditional static billboards and other digital billboards.

Advantages of Blip Billboards

  • There are no term contracts. You have complete control of your campaign and can start and stop your ads in seconds.
  • When you set a budget, Blip’s tools will keep you within your budget — period.
  • You decide what time of day your ads may appear to help you get maximum exposure.

Blip vs. Traditional Billboards

The flexibility and budget-friendly nature of Blip means you can increase your daily budget when the timing is right for your event. With traditional billboards, you have no flexibility with spend, which means you’re likely overspending in the early lifecycle of the ad and underspending later in the lifecycle. (See examples below.)

When you choose your budget on a daily basis, you can spend less at the beginning of your campaign then ramp up your spend and ad frequency as your company’s event gets closer. Since there’s no big lump sum to commit to upfront, your budget becomes a strategic tool rather than just the price of doing business. You can even change the look of your ad mid-campaign with just a few clicks and with no additional cost from Blip!

Single Event Strategy

If you’re advertising one big event — like an annual sale or a product announcement —  using Blip means you can slowly up your daily budget as you get closer to the event. Save your biggest spend for the days leading up to the event to generate excitement, and set your campaign to automatically end when your even is over. You don’t have to spend a dime on advertising an event beyond its expiration date.

Recurring Event Strategy

If you’re advertising a recurring event — like weekend specials or a sports series — using Blip means you can scale down your spend between events then ramp up your spend as each event approaches. You can even switch out your ad with a few clicks with “Game Tonight!” or “Sale Today!” to help nab last-minute attendees.

Here are a few ideas for events you can feature in your next Blip advertising campaign.

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