Finding Cheap Billboards

May 8, 2017

Finding Cheap Billboards

As you may know, Blip has many price and ease-of-use advantages over print and yard sign advertising as well as other types of billboard advertising. You have the pay-as-you-go and scheduling power in your hands with Blip, and we want you to be able to wield that power to find strategies that will save you even more money. Great news! All it takes is thinking a little more about how you choose your billboard locations and schedules.


We want your ads to succeed at the best price possible, so we’ve gathered a few tips for finding where the cheap billboards are located that will also give you a great ROI.



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What Type of Business Are You?

High-demand billboard locations don’t need to be at the top of your “must-do” list when you have an online presence. If customers can use your services or buy your product online, it doesn’t matter as much where each billboard is located just as long as customers see your billboards. However, if you are a brick-and-mortar storefront or other location-sensitive business, you’ll want to choose location-appropriate billboards. (Heads up: This may limit your bargain billboard choices and the value of the following tips.)


Location of Cheap Billboards

Think Location, Location, Location!

You don’t need prime billboard real estate if your business is not location sensitive. To get a better price for each ad blip, look for signs that are off the freeway or in small towns. These cheap billboards may not have a sexy location, but they will still have plenty of eyeballs on them. In fact, these billboards aren’t cheaper because of their location or less views, they’re cheaper simply because other advertisers target them less.


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Consider Off-Peak Scheduling

It’s tempting to target only peak travel times when you’re using digital billboards. Many of us succumb to that temptation (and to the candy on Sue’s desk) because it feels easy. But, as you may have guessed, since so many businesses schedule their digital ads during peak times, the demand and price goes up. Play with a few off-peak times to drive down your costs. Target times like the lunch hour, weekends, and the hour before and after rush hour to see how it affects your budget.



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Check Billboard Stats

When you click on each digital billboard location on Blip’s site, a set of stats will pop up that look something like this:


Advertising Signs Map

When thinking about finding cheap billboards, jump straight to that last entry: cost per impression (CPI). Blip ranks these as high, normal, or low. A low CPI means that the same amount of people will see your ad even if you paid less. Translation: You’re paying less for each impression simply by choosing a less targeted billboard location.


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