Harness the Power of Online Advertising with Digital Billboards

April 3, 2017

Harness the Power of Online Advertising with Digital Billboards

If you’re already using display ads on the internet, or if you’ve always wanted to, digital billboard advertising with Blip’s internet ad-based pricing model is knocking at your door.

In the past, pricing for static and digital billboard ads always involved a term contract that had little flexibility and high-cost changes. However, Blip believes it’s time to make digital billboards much more affordable for the little guy using internet ad-like pricing.

When you compare the style and functionality of digital billboards and internet display ads, you’ll find they are so similar that you can use the same ad concepts as well as some of the same strategies when you advertise with Blip. This means you can save you money on formulating ad campaigns that use more than one channel.

To help you make the most of your advertising campaigns, let’s take a closer look at how you can use similar strategies with internet and billboard advertising.

Set-and-Forget Budget Icon

Set-and-Forget Daily Budgets

Just like with large online ads, Blip lets you set a daily budget based on how much you’re willing to spend each time your ad is displayed and how much you’re willing to spend per day. This means that with Blip you won’t go over budget even if you never revisit your ad performance during the life of the campaign. That being said, your internet and Blip billboard campaigns will serve you better if you track them daily to learn what’s working best for you and to tweak your ad schedule and budget as you go. With Blip, all it takes is a few clicks every time you start, stop, or finesse a campaign.

Quality Ad Design

We’ve all seen obnoxious or low-quality internet ads; the kind that at best become white noise or at worst make us want to click away as soon as possible. Evidence shows the quality of your online ad design makes a meaningful difference in clicks and conversions. The same is true for billboards. Using professionally designed ads will help ensure that you get the best return on your investment. We even offer a $75 design service if you prefer the ease of a one-stop-shop experience.

Design Best Practices

If you already have experience with banner and mid-page unit designs online, those same best-practice design rules apply to billboards. Huzzah! Some rearranging may be needed, but your general design will work for billboard space too. Bonus: A unified design across many channels will help your branding, which helps your business become easily recognizable to potential customers.

Cost-Per-Impression Tracking Icon

Pay-per-Ad Display with Cost-per-Impression Tracking

Since people can’t click on digital billboards (yet), with Blip you’re paying for ads shown instead of ads clicked. In the simplest terms, you’re only paying for ads shown and within a price cap you set. No clicks also means that you’ll track the success of your Blip campaigns based on estimated impressions , a measuring method used in some types of online ads. Even though you’re paying for one ad display at a time, Blip billboard ads can serve up up to 100 impressions per flip depending on the time, day, and season.

Always “Above the Fold”

Any print or online advertiser knows and covets the idea of being “above the fold.” For newspapers, it means that readers don’t even have to open the paper to see an ad; and for online advertising, it means that people don’t have to scroll or make any effort to see an ad. Your ad is always an above-the-fold star when it’s on display on the freeway.


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