How Much Does Digital Billboard Advertising Cost?

February 17, 2022

How Much Does Digital Billboard Advertising Cost?

How much should you be paying for digital billboard advertising? Keep reading to learn how much digital billboard advertising costs with different advertising companies.

If you have already been advertising with Blip, you know that digital billboard advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. With Blip, digital billboard advertising fits right into your advertising budget. However, if you weren’t using Blip, how much would you be spending to advertise on those same digital billboards? Let’s break down the cost of digital billboard advertising and the factors that go into determining those costs.

Location, Location, Location!

Just like all billboard advertising, the price you pay is completely dependent on the location of the billboard. Billboard advertising in Downtown Los Angeles or Chicago is going to be much more expensive than a rural area!

The average cost for advertising on just one billboard ranges from about $1200 to $15,000 a month, depending on the location. Digital billboard advertising in Times square can even cost up to $3 million a month for one of the larger boards, but this is on the high end of billboard advertising costs.

The price for each billboard (digital or not) is based on CPM (cost per mile). This is done by looking at the number of people that pass the billboard in a given time period and how many impressions it should receive.

In addition to location, demographics can also affect digital billboard costs. Age, gender and income levels of individuals that pass by the billboard can all impact the cost of a sign. For example, if the location is home to individuals with a high income, you will likely pay more to advertise on that board.

Be Seen With Blip Billboards

Making Billboard Advertising Affordable

If you don’t want to drop a few thousand dollars each month just to advertise on one sign, then advertising with Blip might be the answer for you. The concept of an online marketplace has removed the contract variable from billboard advertising, so you only pay for each time your ad displays on a digital billboard. This greatly lowers the cost of digital billboard advertising, as each time your ad displays it really only costs about $0.30 (depending on the billboard) and displays for about 8-10 seconds. 

More popular hours (such as rush hour) will cost more to advertise in, but you can also set a “max per blip” budget for those hours. This way you will never pay more than you’re comfortable for a single blip.

We generally estimate that $1 in daily spend will, on average, result in about 26 blips in a day. This number depends on many factors however, including sign location, the time of day, and competition from other advertisers. 

By using Blip, your ad can be displayed as many or as little times as you want! The more times your ad displays, the more exposure you get. Not to mention you have the flexibility to start and stop campaigns, and change out your ad creative as often as you would like. This affordable billboard advertising cost makes it possible for businesses of all sizes to utilize billboard advertising.


So, the next time you drive by a digital billboard, remember that you don’t have to be a big corporation to afford billboard advertising. Picture what it would be like to drive by and see your business displayed on a billboard! To start advertising with Blip, click here.