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Take some words of wisdom from the Mothers of our Blip employees!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and at Blip, we’re looking for any and every way to celebrate the Moms that help make our organization what it is today! Whether it’s our employees who are mothers, the mothers of our employees, or our advertisers who are mothers, we want to honor every single one of them.

Moms always have the best advice, so we asked a few Blip employees to share their favorite quote from their Mothers. We hope these nuggets of wisdom help you feel motivated and empowered.

“Walk into that room like God sent you there.” – Aspen Egan

“You can accomplish anything you put you heart into.” – Jenny Stokolyas

“I got your back.” – Rachel Breton

“How much water have you drank today?!” –Tyler Harmon

“Focus and finish.”Eva Magdalenski

“Leave while you are having the most fun and everyone will want to get together again.” – Kurt Tingey

“Not my circus, not my monkeys.” – Colette Prusse

Unsure of how to honor the Mothers in your life? Try featuring them on a billboard! With Blip, you can easily set up a one-day digital billboard campaign for as low as $10. Our self-serve platform allows you to set up digital billboard campaigns on your own with a click of a few buttons. Click here to get started.