OOH Campaign Measurement – Blip + Facebook

December 12, 2023

The Digital Advertising Landscape is Changing

With Facebook ad costs rising and the digital advertising space becoming more saturated, marketers need to adopt an omnichannel marketing approach and reach customers at multiple touchpoints in their journey. One advertising channel will not make the impact needed for your company to excel with business growth and marketing goals. 

Reach More People

Good brands understand their audiences and know how to reach them. Good marketers know that combining Facebook ads with other forms of advertising, like digital billboards, will help improve results and amplify marketing effectiveness. According to a Facebook study, combining OOH and Facebook ads can “help influence younger consumers and reach niche target markets.”

The study goes on to state: “With the widespread use of smartphones, the high visibility of out-of-home—of people age 18 and older in the UK of people age 18 and older in the UK say they notice an OOH ad 70% at least once a week. This goes hand in hand with actions on digital channels such as social media. For example, nearly 4 IN 10 ADULTS surveyed (38%) in the US say they have visited a Facebook page or posted on Facebook after seeing an OOH ad, and have posted to Instagram.” (Maximize Reach With Out-of-Home and Facebook Campaigns in EMEA, Facebook.)

See Results When Combining OOH and Facebook Advertising

Not only does the combination of OOH and Facebook advertising influence consideration, it drives results. In a study done with Kantar to improve sales for a popular yogurt brand, Facebook found that “using both Facebook and OOH ads worked best—with the combined impact proving to be 13% more efficient than expected.”

The Uplift Factor of OOH+Facebook in Likelihood to Purchase

*The expected level is a factor of OOH only and Facebook only: 1:11 x1.20=1.33

Uplift metrics for OOH + Facebook

How Can Blip Achieve OOH Results

Blip makes it possible for small- and medium-sized businesses to get on billboards and reach new audiences in a big way. If you’re already spending on Facebook, adding Blip to your marketing strategy will maximize the effectiveness of your Facebook campaigns and diversify your offering for clients.