Use Yard Signs? Then You Can Afford Billboards!

May 1, 2017

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Use Yard Signs? Then You Can Afford Billboards!

That’s right, if your small business can afford yard signs, you can afford high-quality and professional digital billboard advertising with Blip. But money isn’t all you’ll be saving when you switch from yard signs to the signature Blip experience. You’ll also spend less time fussing with printing lead times and sign placement, so you can focus on what’s most important—getting your ads in front of your potential customers.

Blip Billboards vs. Yard Signs

You can find yard signs priced under $1 a piece, but you still have to worry about the logistics of printing and sign placement. When you spend $1 with Blip, your ad can potentially be shown 26 times per day, and inputting the ad into Blip’s system only takes a few clicks.

The bottom line is you can get more exposure with more professional ads all while doing less work when you choose digital billboard advertising with Blip. Let’s take a closer look.

Billboards Have Better Exposure

  • Billboards are more professional
    • They leave a better impression. Additionally, yard signs are hard spot when they’re placed near busy streets and on freeway ramps.
  • Digital billboards can be seen 24/7
    • LED lights don’t need sun to shine, but yard signs need sun to be seen.
  • Billboards offer ad display peace of mind
    • Yard signs can easily be blown away, stolen, defaced, or otherwise covered up or destroyed. 

Blip Billboards Require Less Work

  • Blip is a one-stop shop 
    • Offers a professional ad-design service for $50. Of course you can use your own designer because the power is always in your hands at Blip.
  • It takes only a few clicks
    • (with no fees attached) to start, stop, or change an ad with Blip, so you’re never stuck with an ad lead time or a heap of printed yard signs that aren’t giving you the ROI you need.
  • Speaking of clicks, that’s all it takes to “dispose” of a digital billboard ad
    • Making it a fast and environment-friendly option. It eats up valuable time to properly put up, take down, and dispose yard signs. (Don’t even get us started on city ordinances, zoning, and potential littering fines.)
  • Next day analytics
    • Blip billboards provides you with next-day analytics, so you can see how your ads are performing and tweak your campaign to maximize your ROI. (We’re pretty sure yard signs can’t do that.)



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