Addressing The Rumors Around Digital Billboard Advertising

July 14, 2022

Have you read the online rumors about digital billboard advertising? In this blog, we will address a recent viral billboard campaign in the gaming industry, and dispel the myths surrounding advertising through Blip.

Digital Billboard Advertising Myths

If you’re into gaming, you’ve likely heard about the FFXIC The Final Fantasy billboards that were created. The digital billboard advertisements promoting the event went viral on Reddit, Twitter, and Twitch, with the billboard ad using copyrighted images/logos and modified graphics.

According to an article by PC Gamer, “Nightclubs and parties are pretty common in the MMORPG, but advertising them on a real-life billboard using modded outfits and the official game logo without Square Enix’s permission is most definitely not.

Turns out, this ad ran through Blip’s platform (before we realized the ad used copyrighted images and worked with the sign owner to take them down immediately), proving that *literally anyone* can run an ad campaign on digital billboards. However, this doesn’t mean that every ad will be approved to run.

After scrolling through many Reddit and Twitter feeds, we found that many online users were wondering why someone would pay so much money to advertise a niche, online event on billboards, and even more so, how they were able to advertise copyrighted images.

We’re here to bust the myths and answer your questions around advertising on digital billboards through Blip, including the rumors about cost, results, copyrighted images, promoting NSFW/adult content, and more.

Myth #1: Costs Too Much Money for No Guaranteed Results


Unless you really want to spend that much money, getting your ad placed on a digital billboard does NOT cost $10k! With Blip, you can advertise on your budget, whether that’s $10, $50, or even hundreds of dollars a day! 

Here’s how it works: Blip combines aspects of digital advertising with out-of-home advertising to make billboards available on any size budget, for any business. You determine how much you want to spend.

Pay Per Blip means you will only be charged when your billboard ad is displayed. Typically, its $0.01-0.50 depending on the time and location. Since Blip is a pure marketplace, you get to decide how much you’re willing to spend for each blip, while we ensure you never spend a penny more than the current market rates to get your billboard ad displayed.

To get an estimate for how many blips you could get for your budget, head to our Billboard Cost Estimator.

The more you spend, the more your ad will be displayed. However, you are guaranteed to see results no matter what you spend. To learn about some of our advertisers’ results, check out our Success Stories.

Myth #2: Using Copyrighted Images


Our Terms and Conditions state that “You warrant that you own or otherwise control all rights (including but not limited to copyright and trademark rights) necessary to use the Content and that our display and use of such Content will not infringe or violate the rights of any third party.”

Blip has a strict approval process and design guidelines, so be sure to read through these before submitting your ad for approval!

These design guidelines ensure the safety of Blip, our advertisers, and sign owners, making it possible for you to advertise through Blip with ease!

Any violations of these guidelines and Terms and Conditions will result in the immediate removal of your billboard advertisement.

Myth #3: Promoting “Adult” or NSFW Content

In addition to copyrighted images not being approved, any inappropriate content is also not allowed to run through Blip’s platform. Our Terms and Conditions also state, “You warrant that the Content does not contain misleading, false, illegal, or inappropriate information or otherwise violate our design guidelines.

If you are wondering about what specific content types are allowed to run through Blip, check out our Design Guidelines.

Myth #4: “These Don’t Exist In My State”

This specific online gaming billboard campaign ran in two states (California and Texas), however, they could have run ads anywhere!

Blip has over 1,600 locations across the US and Canada, and advertisers have the ability to choose exactly where and when they advertise on digital billboards. You can view all our locations here.

If you don’t see Blip in your state or area, don’t worry! We are always working on getting access to new digital billboard locations. To submit a request for a new location, fill out the form at the bottom of our Locations Page.


While this scenario was an extreme one, we love seeing the online discussions about billboard advertising (even if half the claims about digital billboards were false). If anything, scenarios like this just prove how effective billboard advertising can be! Who knew a billboard for an online nightclub in the gaming world could take the internet by storm.

We’re here to remind you that anyone (even you) can run a digital billboard campaign through Blip’s self-serve platform! We take our Terms and Conditions and Design Guidelines very seriously and work quickly and diligently if they are not adhered to. These help us to ensure the safety of everyone involved. We hope this article helped clarify some misconceptions for you about advertising through Blip. To start your next digital billboard campaign, create an account here