Are Billboards Right for My Business?

August 27, 2021

Billboard advertising works, but will it work for your business?

Continue reading to learn how to know if billboards are right for your business. 

Typically, small to medium sized businesses don’t think that they are “eligible” to gain access to billboard advertising. This is because you often see big corporations taking advantage of billboards and other types of outdoor advertising. However, billboard advertising is not only for big corporations! In addition, many businesses think that billboard advertising won’t do anything for their business. In this blog post, we will go over how to know if billboard advertising is right for your business (hint: it is!) and what combining billboards into your marketing mix can do for your business.

Who Should Use Billboards

If you have a business, any business, you should be advertising on billboards! Billboard advertising is a great medium for all businesses to increase brand awareness, amongst other things. If you have a small business, you might be thinking, “I can’t afford a billboard”! Not to worry, Blip offers affordable billboard advertising for businesses of all sizes. From small businesses and startups to established brands, billboards should be a part of your marketing mix.

So what industries should be taking advantage of billboard advertising? The answer is all industries can and should be utilizing billboards! Whether you have an ecommerce shop, a tech company, non-profit organization, restaurant, or are holding an event, billboards have the ability to help you achieve your marketing goals. There is no business that can’t benefit from advertising on billboards.

What Will Billboard Advertising Do For My Business?

If you are looking to: 

…you should be advertising on billboards!

Adding billboards into your marketing mix yields powerful results. According to the Nielsen 2017 OOH Online Activation Survey,

“Nearly five in 10 US adults (46%) have used Google, Bing, Yahoo, or another Internet search engine to look up information after seeing or hearing something advertised on a billboard, bus shelter, or other OOH format in the past six months. Nearly 40 percent have visited a Facebook page or posted a message on Facebook after seeing an OOH ad.”


How to Combine Billboards Into Your Marketing Mix

Whenever you are thinking about experimenting with a new advertising medium, you should never abandon other mediums to focus on a new one. This is called siloing your marketing channels. It takes six to eight touches for a customer to convert. If your target customer doesn’t find your brand that many times, you probably won’t get the return on investment you were looking for. You should use new mediums in conjunction with your existing marketing efforts. Just be sure you have both transactional and brand-building advertising mediums in your marketing mix.

To add billboards to your marketing mix, start out with a lower advertising budget and work your way up from there. If your budget is tight, try lowering your Facebook ad spend (or a different medium’s ad spend) and allocating the remaining budget to billboards. You will be surprised at how billboards work to boost your other ad channels!

It also helps to have similar messaging and creative across channels. This is called creating cross-channel campaigns. Cross-channel campaigns go back into creating the six to eight touch points it takes for a customer to convert. 


Hopefully by now you’ve come to the conclusion that billboards are right for your business! To start reaping all the benefits of billboard advertising, try out one of Blip’s Advertising Plans. You can learn more about our Advertising Plans here.