Brands With Staying Power

June 11, 2019

Brands With Staying Power

Have you ever heard of Nike? What about Levi’s, Coca-Cola, or Apple?

These brands are recognized by nearly everyone, everywhere.

The names, logos, and colors of distinguished brands are so ingrained in our brains, that we can’t imagine ourselves forgetting these companies or products anytime soon. So how can you become instantly recognizable to your target market? The following are three strategies that some of the most recognized businesses have used to become brands with staying power.

Develop a clear authentic voice.

The Authentic Brand Index (ABI) has shown that the stronger a brand’s perceived authenticity, the more likely people are to be loyal ambassadors and life-long customers for that brand. Maintain your core identity and authenticity by defining and living your mission statement. The ‘why’ of your message will 9x/10 resonate more powerfully than the ‘what.’

Example: Levi’s has been a leader in the denim industry for over 150 years. From Woodstock to Snoop Dogg, Levi’s has dressed celebrities, Presidents, and thousands of others who connect to the genuine, raw, and relatable lifestyle embodied in the Levi’s brand. “People’s lives are getting crazy,” says James Curleigh, CEO of Levi’s, “Technology and entertainment are going at breakneck speeds, but the offset of that is what? Authenticity. And no one can deliver it better than Levi’s.

Meet your customers where they are.

What imagery would your target audience be excited for? How can your language and tone choices help create conversations and community? In a time where there are practically limitless options, people are drawn towards brands with stories, unique perspectives, clear missions, and engaging identities.

Example: Glossier “[is] a place they want to come and engage with and by not trying to sell things you end up selling things, because people relate to you and feel part of what you’re doing. They want to take away that memory.

Create strategic marketing channels.

Blue Apron rules the podcast advertising world. Proctor & Gamble win with television advertising & Squarespace has found their niche with online video advertising. Think about the channels that you are not yet using. Is there a reason why? Expanding your current marketing mix can be an effective way to broaden your reach and your perceived credibility.

Example: GoPro is a prime example of using a certain channel to strategically tell your message in a unique way. By inspiring and sharing user-generated content (UGC), GoPro has powerfully told the stories of their tribe, meanwhile portraying their product in a really authentic way.

Remember that big brands had to start where you are today. As you develop an authentic voice, connect in meaningful ways with your audience, and embrace the right marketing channels, you will grow your brand equity and become a brand worthy of staying long into the future.