Building More Than Brand Awareness: Driving Conversions and Sales with Multichannel Marketing

November 22, 2021

Drive More Conversions With Multichannel Marketing

Continue reading to learn why multichannel marketing is crucial for your business.

While brand awareness is a crucial step in the marketing funnel (you can read more about the importance of building brand awareness here), driving conversions and sales is the ultimate goal. To drive conversions, your brand needs to build more than just brand awareness. In order to do this, you need to utilize multichannel marketing.

On average, it takes 6-7 times for your brand to make an impression on someone. This means you have to create 6-7 different opportunities for people to become familiar with your brand and advertisements. Each of these touchpoints builds brand awareness, and puts you one step closer to driving a conversion. Creating these touchpoints is easier and more efficient when spread across multiple channels. Not to mention, 72% of consumers say they prefer to connect with brands through multiple channels before purchasing. So if you’re currently siloing your marketing efforts, it’s time to diversify your marketing strategy!

Diversifying Your Marketing Strategy

As technology users, we tend to always want to go after the next “big” thing, throwing all our budget and energy into the newest channel. We’ve lived through the Facebook craze, which transitioned into Instagram popularity. Right now, we’re seeing TikTok become the newest contender. While these marketing fads are important and can provide quality results, choosing only one marketing medium could prevent you from reaching your target customer. Why use TikTok if you’re not going after any audience on TikTok? In addition, by focusing all your marketing efforts into one channel, you could face an algorithm problem that results in overexposure. 

Think about how many different types of marketing channels you are exposed to every day: TV and radio commercials, direct mail flyers, billboards, display ads, social media posts, magazines, emails, and many more. When you target several ways to deliver ads, getting those six to eight conversion touches we talked about earlier becomes much more possible.

Multichannel marketing strategies use various marketing tactics and platforms so you can connect and engage with a wide range of consumers in a way that is most beneficial to them. Using multiple channels ensures that your message reaches your target audience(s) “regardless of the devices, communities, technologies or platforms they may or may not use”.

If you want to drive conversions, you need to strategically diversify both your ads and marketing channels. By doing this, you’re laying out easy-to-follow steps that work together to lead customers to the end of the conversion funnel.

An Effective Multichannel Marketing Strategy

Diversifying your marketing strategy is more than just using multiple marketing channels. While you can utilize different channels for different purposes, an effective multichannel marketing strategy uses multiple channels for the same campaign. Having consistent messaging, branding, and creative across all channels results in a higher ad recall, leading the consumer down the funnel to create conversions. In fact, Geopath found that utilizing up to four different advertising channels can increase ROI by over 31%.

In addition to social and other online ads, how can you expand your multichannel marketing strategy? Take your brand offline and outside. The Nielsen OOH Online Activation Survey found that “OOH is the most effective offline medium in driving online activity, delivering 4x more online activity per dollar spent than TV, radio, and print.” This makes OOH the perfect offline addition to your marketing mix.

Billboards and other out-of-home advertising channels add value to multichannel campaigns because you can reach your target audience, but secondary and tertiary audiences as well. While not every person may be on TikTok, you can almost guarantee that people will be outside driving past billboards. In addition, you have the ability to reach consumers in the times they aren’t on their devices.

While OOH may be a top performer, it doesn’t mean there isn’t power in other mediums as well. Additional mediums to add to your multichannel marketing strategy, both online and offline, include text messaging, direct mail, email, blogging, TV, radio, podcasts, and more.


In conclusion, multichannel marketing is a must if you are looking to increase conversions and sales. It allows you to meet and engage with consumers at multiple touch points that are convenient and personal to them, resulting in increased conversions. To start adding a new medium like billboards into your marketing mix, start a digital billboard campaign with Blip!