Location Profile: Miami & Fort Lauderdale

February 14, 2023
Location Highlight

Stand Out in South Florida’s Hottest Market

As a Spanish-language cultural hub, nothing beats Miami. With the majority of the population being Hispanic (72%) and 58% foreign-born, it offers a melting pot of expressions and experiences. 

Beyond being the gem of south Florida, Miami sits at the tip of Florida’s Gold Coast – a stretch of 3 metropolitan divisions (2 of which include Miami-Dade and Broward Counties) making up the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach Metropolitan Statistical Area – with a combined population of over 6 million. 

As the largest metropolitan area in the Southeastern US, and one of the largest in the country, the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area offers a wealth of opportunities for billboard advertisers.

The Gateway to Latin America 

Florida has a long history of Spanish influence, stretching all the way back to the early 16th century. During 300 years of Spanish colonial rule, it existed as a buffer between Spain’s Caribbean colonies and British and French colonies further north. 

This status, as more culturally a part of the Caribbean world than the rest of the Southeast US, remains today, especially in the Miami area. 

With a majority-Spanish speaking population, it’s no wonder that Miami is the country’s most important city for Spanish-language media. Many Spanish-language media corporations are headquartered there, and it heavily attracts both music and film production.

Finance Hub

Miami has a significant finance industry, as home to the largest concentration of international banks in the US. It also has a significant number of domestic banks, and hosts a range of popular crypto currency conferences. 

Fort Lauderdale is also a hot market for finance and insurance. The Fort Lauderdale population is highly educated and affluent, representing an opportunity for more prestige brands.

Tourism Magnet

Miami is dominating the nation in terms of resurgence in tourism. Miami International Airport processed over 50 million passengers in 2022, a new record. Meanwhile, tourism levels are consistently higher than 2019 levels, month-over-month.  

The city is known for its ritzy nightlife, open-air shopping centers, beaches, and thriving arts scene. Luxury shopping is thriving in the city, with many luxury brands seeing significant growth over 2019 levels. Between the downtown’s growth and the expansion of the business and tech sectors, the entire area is attracting wealth and opulence like never before- making it an advertiser’s dream. The Miami-Fort Lauderdale area has never been a hotter market for advertisers. Blip makes it easy to get your brand on digital billboards across the area. With 54 digital billboards available, you have plenty of options to take over Florida’s Gold Coast. Average monthly impressions across all of our active boards in 2022 was just over 400,000; on our 5 highest traffic boards, average impressions rose to almost 2.4 million. 

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