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Billboard Advertising for Events

Billboards are a proven marketing method for spreading awareness and generating interest in upcoming events.

Event Success Stories

See how others have successfully marketed their event with digital billboards.

Advertise Your Event

Blip’s self-serve platform makes it easy for you advertise for your event.

Spread the word about your event.

People can’t attend your event if they don’t know that it’s happening. So whether you are planning a fundraiser, a sporting event, a performance, or a ‘we love Blip’ gala, you can use billboards to broadcast your message to a huge potential audience. 

And with Blip, it’s easier (and more affordable) than ever to reach your audience:


Select your location(s) and the time of day your ads will run.


Set your budget.

Once your budget is set, we make sure you get as many blips as possible.

Upload artwork.


Launch your campaign and gain exposure.

After your campaign is launched, you can change any of your campaign settings, revamp your artwork, or increase your budget as your event gets closer.

People can’t attend your event,

if they don’t know

that it’s happening.

Attract New Attendees

58% of commuters learned about an event they were interested in attending from a billboard advertisement. Fill your seats with new interested attendees.

Spread the Word

Build awareness to the people who may be unfamiliar with your upcoming event.

Spend Strategically

With Blip you can target locations near your event and control how frequently your ad shows—helping you be more strategic with your advertising budget.

Event Advertising Success Stories

One of the largest tech conferences in Utah nearly doubled their event attendance and multiplied their search traffic by adding billboards to their marketing mix. This graph shows how their organic search interest grew by 300% during the time they ran their campaign with Blip.

We were very pleased with Blip. We loved how quick it got the word out and it really helped drive record attendance. From our end, it was really good as far as the customer service and results. We are looking forward to working together again in the future!

Garrett ClarkDirector of Operations, Silicon Slopes
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