How to Build a Better Campaign

May 16, 2022
Best Practices, Strategy

How to Build a Better Campaign

Learn a few tips and tricks to build a better billboard campaign with Blip!

Are you interested in learning how to build a better Blip campaign? If so, then this blog post is for you! Whether you are looking to maximize your spend or are trying to achieve better results, we want to help coach you through the process of building the best billboard campaign for your marketing goals. 

As you build your campaign, there are a few resources, in addition to this post, that will help you in the campaign creation process. If you’re looking for a complete walk through of creating a Blip campaign, watch this video from our Customer Success Manager, Chelsea as she explains the process and provides some tips and tricks along the way. For more information and help, check out the Blip Help Center. Now, let’s get started!

Balance Each Element of Your Campaign

The key to the success of your campaign is balancing your locations, your schedule, and your budget. 


When choosing locations, less is more. The more locations you select, the less Blips you will receive on each location. Our algorithm prioritizes your daily budget by spending as much as possible to get the max amount of Blips. You will receive more displays on the locations that have the most availability, and less displays on other locations. Because of this, you should be creating targeted campaigns in specific areas, rather than large campaigns in multiple locations. 


When it comes to your budget, the higher your daily budget the more Blips you will receive. However, there are a few ways to maximize your budget to receive as many Blips as possible.

  1. Try increasing your “Max per Blip”, this will increase how much you are willing to spend for each Blip helping you to “out-bid” your competitors.
  2. Try adding some low priority hours to the schedule. This will allow your budget to be spent during the low competition hours of the day, giving you more opportunities for the budget to be spent. 
  3. Try adding more billboards to the mix. Adding more billboards will allow your budget to be spent on other boards that may have more availability.


The more hours you advertise during the day, the more opportunities Blip has to utilize your daily budget, but adding more hours could mean not specifically targeting useful times of day or reaching your ideal customer. 

It may seem odd, but the less hours you advertise, the more often your ads will display. The more hours you advertise, more time will pass between each ad display. The fewer hours you advertise, the more frequently your ad will be shown per hour. 

Advertising for less hours forces Blip to only show your ad when you want it shown, but there’s frequently less space available during peak times. Advertising during off-peak hours is frequently cheaper and advertising during on-peak times will reach more people per display. It’s always a good idea to test what times perform better, and optimize your campaign from there. 

You can learn more about optimizing your Blip campaign in our help article here.

A Long Term Solution

Billboard advertising is meant to be a long term solution. While there may be times where you only need to run a billboard campaign for one or a few days, we always recommend running your campaigns for at least 3 months.

If you aren’t seeing many results after a few days or weeks of advertising, do not worry! You are working to build brand awareness, and will start to see the best results after about 3 months of advertising. 

Because billboard advertising is a long term solution, our billboard specialists always recommend signing up for one of Blip’s Advertising Plans. These plans entitle you to bonus ad credit, free billboard designs and a dedication billboard specialist. You can read about one of our advertisers’ experiences and results after advertising on one of our plans here.


Hopefully these tips and tricks help you as you create your next billboard campaign! At Blip, we want to see your business grow, and we are here to help along the way! For any additional questions about your campaigns or account, please reach out to our customer success team via email at [email protected].