Billboard Advertising for Nonprofits

When people see your billboard, they become familiar with your brand and your cause. With that familiarity, they can support your cause and help you move your mission forward.

Success Stories

See how others have successfully marketed their event with digital billboards.

Advertise Your Nonprofit

Blip’s self-serve platform makes it easy for you advertise for your event.

Share the good you do.

How can you do more good? How can you reach more donors? How can you spread the word about the work you are doing?

Broadcast advertising reaches a large group of people with a low cost per impression. Using billboards along with your other advertising efforts can attract more interested parties and drive the mission of your non-profit forward when you use strategic messaging over a longer period of time.


Select your location(s) and the time of day your ads will run.


Set your budget.

Once your budget is set, we make sure you get as many blips as possible.

Upload artwork.


Launch your campaign and gain exposure.

After your campaign is launched, you can change any of your campaign settings, revamp your artwork, or increase your budget for your nonprofit.

People can’t support your cause,

if they don’t know

that it exists.

Reach New Donors

Spread the Word

Do More Good

Nonprofit Advertising Success Stories

The Church at the Well went viral from their campaign that used local slang to reach individuals that may not typically feel welcome at Church. This public visibility and recognition from their Blip campaign lead to an outpouring of support and excitement in Memphis. From additional funding to even a talk show opportunity, the Church at the Well is a perfect example of what can happen when billboard advertising is used effectively.

Dead of Winter Fest

Increased Web Traffic

Fathers’ Rights

Starting a Conversation

Alabama Church School

Building Awareness

Family Roots

Increased Attendance

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