Billboard Advertising for Restaurants

1 in 4 people who see a restaurant’s OOH ad will end up trying it (Nielsen). Increase your restaurant foot traffic by directing commuters to where you are through billboard advertising.

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See how others have successfully marketed their event with digital billboards.

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Blip’s self-serve platform makes it easy for you advertise for your restaurant.

Do hungry people know how to find you?

When you see the McDonalds golden arches you know what to expect: hamburgers and fries. But when people pass your business do they know who you are and what you serve? If there is room for more people to enjoy the food at your restaurant, consider using billboards to amplify your message to the public to let people know that you are ready to serve.


Select your location(s) and the time of day your ads will run.


Set your budget.

Once your budget is set, we make sure you get as many blips as possible.

Upload artwork.


Launch your campaign and gain exposure.

After your campaign is launched, you can change any of your campaign settings, revamp your artwork, or increase your budget for your restaurant's needs.

People can’t eat at your restaurant,

if they don’t know

that it exists.

Immediate Visibility

Get your campaign launched in as little as twenty-four hours.

Stay Top of Mind

Not only do billboards let new customers know you exist, but they also help bring back returning customers to your doors.

Increased Foot Traffic

58% of viewers 18 or older “learned about a restaurant they later visited” because of billboard advertising.

Restaurant Advertising Success Stories

Big Nicks BBQ is a restaurant in North Carolina that grew sales from using targeted billboard advertising during specific times of the day, with their other marketing efforts. About this, their marketing manager said, 

You can really easily create ads that are effective and that complement other portions of your campaign for a very small budget. We’ve used other forms of marketing, like FB, yelp, and trip advisor, but using billboards in our marketing mix really helped us reach the local community in a new way. Blip definitely gives power to the little guy.

Big NickBig Nick's BBQ
Mr. Charlie's Chicken Fingers

Increased Restaurant Sales

Mr. Charlie’s Chicken Fingers

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